5 Pro Tips to Making Purchases Mindfully.

5 Pro Tips to Making Purchases Mindfully.

Making purchases becomes easier, and easier as technology advances. Consumers don’t even need to leave their homes to obtain the items they want and need.

As a whole, society has become accustom to instant gratification. Consumers shopping on online don’t want to wait weeks for their product. With purchases becoming easier, and items getting to the consumer faster, impulse purchasing is increasing throughout our community.

New York Post revealed shocking statistics regarding impulse purchases throughout America.

The average American makes 156 impulse purchases per year. This adds up to 9,000 impulse purchases per lifetime.

A research study conducted by market researchers indicates that on average Americans spend $450 on impulse purchases per MONTH.

Adding up to $324,000 per lifetime!

Making purchases mindfully will reduce clutter within the home, and save money. There are a few ways in which consumers can take back control. Here are five pro tips to keeping your purchases mindful, and keeping your money in your pocket.

5 Pro Tips:

  1. Don’t go shopping hungry- This is a big one. The candies, snacks, and drinks when you are checking out are there for a reason. Marketing professionals are aware that a person is more likely to purchase these items upon checking out. Ensuring that you are shopping on a full stomach greatly limits the chances of these impulse purchases.
  2. Stick to the list- Personal accountability is important for this tip. Write out your list prior to going to the store. Include a reward item for yourself on the list, but ensure that it is last. After you complete your shopping, and you stick to your list 100%, go find your reward item. This will fulfill that satisfaction seeking part of your brain, while ensuring you got only what you set out for.
  3. Grocery shop online- Making a list and shopping online eliminates many impulse buys. Without the temptation right in the shoppers face there is a less likely chance of making the purchase.
  4. Use cash instead of card- Add up how much your purchases should cost prior to going to the store. Then, take out cash to cover the purchase adding 10$ to the amount to allow for any cost variance. This will force you to stick to the list you have made, because you only have the amount of money allotted for the shopping trip planned.
  5. Don’t go window shopping- It is easy to fall into the window shopping trap. Especially during the holiday season. It may be tempting to go shopping with a friend who needs things even though you don’t. It isn’t long before window shopping turns into purchases. Suddenly the window shopper sees an item that is on sale, or they just can’t leave without.

Making purchases mindfully will save you money, and keep clutter to a minimum. Keep it simple. Keep it essential.


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