52 Ways to Become Organized AF in 2020

52 Ways to Become Organized AF in 2020

It is a new year, and that means you are ready to take your life to the next level. However, taking it to the next level means you need to be organized AF.

I am taking the guess work out of how to get there and giving you one task per week to complete. That’s right, here are 52 tasks that will take you from cluttered to organized AF.

Decluttering Your Bedroom

  1. Make your bed & put away/wash ALL your laundry
  2. Clear off your nightstands & dresser surface
  3. Neatly fold and hang all laundry
  4. Donate clothes that no longer fit you
  5. Put off season clothes away in the attic
  6. Go through socks and get rid of the ones without matches
  7. Neatly fold and hang all laundry
  8. Clear out under the bed- only neatly stored under the bed storage put back
  9. Remove any of your items that do not belong in the bedroom.

Clearing the Kitchen

  1. Go through Tupperware and toss items that don’t have a pair
  2. Get rid of the dish towels that are stained and/or have holes
  3. Clear out under the kitchen sink
  4. Clear off kitchen counters
  5. Go through cabinets and throw away expired food/donate food you won’t consume
  6. Clear out refrigerator of food you won’t eat or has gone bad

Tackling Your Kids Rooms

  1. Go through kids clothing and donate clothing too small/toss damaged clothing
  2. Throw away/donate shoes the no longer fit them
  3. Decide what toys your kids don’t use, and donate them
  4. Throw away any socks that do not have matches or have holes
  5. Donate any unused baby gear
  6. Clear out kids closets

Learning Out Your Personal Space

  1. Clear out your purse or diaper bag
  2. Clear our your car/truck/van/suv
  3. Toss any expired or old makeup
  4. Clear out your wallet of expired cards, receipts, etc.

Declutter Your Office Space

  1. Clear off desk space
  2. Toss any scrap papers laying around your desk
  3. Shred any paperwork that isn’t needed any more
  4. Go through work emails and delete what isn’t needed any longer
  5. Throw away pens that do not work
  6. Throw away journals/planners you do not use
  7. Toss any outdated business cards

Tackling Your Electronics

  1. Delete emails you do not need
  2. Delete Applications you do not use
  3. Cancel subscriptions you don’t utilize
  4. Erase duplicate photos
  5. Throw away any boxes you have been saving (iPhone, laptop, tablet, etc)
  6. Toss any unused/old covers for your devices
  7. Delete items in the download folder you don’t use or need
  8. Clear out internet browser cookies and history
  9. Perform any updates on all software devices

Bathroom & Misc

  1. Properly dispose of any expired medications
  2. Donate books you won’t read
  3. Expired credit cards/old membership cards/savings cards-toss em
  4. Put photos up or in an album
  5. Clear out junk drawers, and never use a junk drawer again
  6. Old CDs/DVDs you do not utilize reguarly
  7. Clear out under the bathroom sinks
  8. Go through your wires and get rid of the ones that do not get used frequently
  9. Get rid of any sheets that are stained/have holes
  10. Get rid of any stained/damaged towels 
  11. File any loose papers around the house

Tackle these items throughout the year, and I guarantee you, you’ll be feeling organized in no time.



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