Your Disorganization is Costing You Money

Your Disorganization is Costing You Money

            Disorganization within our physical space impacts us more than we think.

While it is apparent that clutter impacts our environment, it is also impacting your bottom line. Yes, you read that correctly. You are losing money due to your disorganization.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Imagine your dream home and life. Picture your bedroom, your kitchen, closets, your bank account, your fridge, and what your business looks like. What was missing? You are probably thinking “nothing Nicole it is my dream life; how could anything be missing?”. 

Clutter and disorganization was missing. I could bet on it, when you were visualizing your dream life, those two things weren’t present. If you are supposed to be showing up, and being your highest self in order to achieve the life of your dreams, how are you going to do that with a space that doesn’t reflect your final goal?

Surely by now you understand that those who are successful do not live within clutter, but how can something in the physical impact the flow of money into your life? 

Here are five of the reasons you are losing money due to your surroundings.

You are stressed the fuck out. No one can operate at optimal levels if their body and mind are in a state of stress. It is proven in numerous scientific studies that the disorganization of our physical space stresses us out. When a person is operating in a space that is neat and orderly, their bottom line reflects it. That’s right, that means more money flowing into their pockets.

You’re losing your shit! Both figuratively and literally. Through the stacks of paper, it is incredibly difficult to find the one you need. You find your wallet and your keys are continually missing. Time is being wasted trying to find all of your shit, when you could be productively working on a project that needs to get finished.

You brain is so distracted by external stimuli it cannot focus. If you don’t have a tidy working environment, you will constantly feel like a squirrel. Let me add here, that if you have ADHD, then this squirrel like tendency will be heightened. Trust me, I have ADHD, I get it. You brain cannot focus on the task at hand if you have other tasks in front of you, or even on your mind. That means they can even be subconscious tasks that you have to tackle that are sabotaging your income.

Time is MONEY!

All of your disorganization can leave you feeling over it all. You feel overwhelmed at the tasks at hand, so you simply don’t do them. There is too much to do, too little time, so why even bother. Unfortunately, many people will rabbit hole and stay stuck in this space. Fortunately, you can overcome it. By utilizing micro-productivity you will start to chip away at the shitty feelings, and get you going again. However, when you are stuck in that rabbit hole of crap feelings, you are not making the money you could be or should be. 

You are not respecting the money you already have. If you are living within clutter it means you are either purchasing things you do not need, or you are not treating the things you utilize with the respect they deserve. Why would the universe, or God, or whoever you believe in trust you with more money, when you don’t even respect the money that you have been given now. With being entrusted with more money comes more responsibilities. If you are wanting an increase of cash flow, then you have to get your space under control.

Conquering your disorganization doesn’t have to feel like a battle that’s already lost. You are capable of more than you know. Tony Robbins stated, “What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are”. It is time to show up, and start believing in yourself. You are plenty capable of getting your shit back together. The time is now. Stop procrastinating and start making moves. Tomorrow you will wish you have started today.


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