The Cluttered Bedroom: How it Impacts the Business Woman

The Cluttered Bedroom: How it Impacts the Business Woman

Having a cluttered bedroom impacts the business woman in ways they can’t imagine.

Often times the bedroom is one of the last places to be picked up. Typically no one is viewing your bedroom. The cluttered space is tucked away behind a door for no one to see. The main living space is the main focus, therefore it gets all the attention.

It is not surprising, those without a handle on their schedule typically have issues getting to any other space. When your bedroom is cluttered, so is your mind.

The bedroom is a place of rest, and a place to rejuvenate your mind. When this space is cluttered, you are unable to effectively relax your subconscious.

Physical clutter becomes mental clutter.

Especially as a business woman this is a cause for concern. When you are attempting to build an empire, but your subconscious is cluttered, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Your subconscious is always working in some way, even throughout your sleep. It thinks about the final thoughts you think, and the stimuli it receives before resting. Your cluttered bedroom is that final stimuli.

The subconscious needs time to rest, but how can it rest when you are not giving it a space to rest?

Here are some tips on how to create an atmosphere to rejuvenate your subconscious while sleeping:

  1. Declutter your bedroom floor. Pick the clothing up off the floor and put them away, or toss them in a laundry hamper.
  2. Choose uplifting decor. Surround yourself with decor that makes you feel light and happy.
  3. Practice evening prayer or meditation. Release the thoughts that no longer are serving you.
  4. Have a journal on your night stand to brain dump any intrusive thoughts. Don’t sleep on thoughts that keep arising. Write them down to ensure you won’t forget them.
  5. NEVER DO WORK WITHIN YOUR BEDROOM. If you’re working in your bedroom, your subconscious will think it is always time to work in this space. Find a space within the home, away from your bedroom, to conduct any work related activities.

Building your empire comes with a million considerations and things to do. Your subconscious needs adequate rest to help you create the business and life you are aspiring to have. The only person who has the ability to impact your subconscious’ rest, is you. Take back control of your cluttered bedroom and begin to rejuvenate your mind.


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