Goal Getters: Setting Up Realistic Expectations

Goal Getters: Setting Up Realistic Expectations

Having huge dreams and goals are a part of being an entrepreneur. We picture our dream homes, and the life we want to be living. The big overall dream goal is what keeps us getting up and doing the hard things each day.

Unpopular Opinion: Big dreams and goals are amazing, but the magic is in the little goals.

I am all about having big dreams. It is so important to have incredible goals. Having life changing goals are what keeps you striving forward. Plaster them all over the place. Embrace the reality you want to be living. However, there is a hard reality that we have to face each day. We have to be taking realistic steps toward these big goals. These realistic steps should be outlined in smaller tangible goals. Sometimes these smaller easier to reach goals don’t excite us in the same way as our big goals, but they’re necessary. It is within these small goals that the magic really happens.

In alignment with my methodology of micro productivity (you can read more about that here), focusing on tackling smaller goals is incredibly important.

When we break it all down into smaller goals, like blogging once a week, emailing our email list a particular amount of times, or reaching out to a certain amount of people per week, it becomes the driving force in which your entire business operates.

When you are planning out your week, choose a smaller goal that will help you to reach your larger goal. Work on reaching your smaller goal during the week. Set up your weeks schedule to support the small goal that you are working toward. Choose a small goal to work on that is of high priority. Maybe that is planning your content, or planning out your next training. No matter what the goal is, make sure you are putting in work toward your goal each working day.

Magic is happening, you just have to open your eyes and be willing to see it.

There is magic in the mundane tasks each day. I know it is easy to feel burnt out doing things that don’t necessarily light your soul on fire. However, it is important to set goals that are actively supporting your dream. This will propel your business forward in the direction you desire to move. From landing clients to increasing visibility, and all of the things it takes to have a successful business, these small goals make it all a reality.

Go get em’ you goal getter.


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