Quality Time VS Quantity Time: You can have BOTH

Quality Time VS Quantity Time: You can have BOTH

I have heard this more times than I can count. This pertains to time with people, time spent on a task, and many other areas. Many people told me to focus on the quality, not the quantity of the time being spent on something. Typically this had to do with the time spent with children.

I heard this the most when I was wrestling with juggling doing all of the things. In a place where I was overwhelmed, and naturally worried I wasn’t doing enough. Irrational fears crept in that my children weren’t getting enough of me. Within those moments I was being told to focus on the quality of the time spent with the kids.

I understand where they are coming from, but that is ill advice.

In all honesty I wish someone would have told me what I am about to tell you.


It all comes down to your schedule. If you are not keeping a schedule yet, it is time to go get one. Get a planner that has time blocks that will keep you accountable throughout the day. You can grab my printable planner right in my shop if you don’t have one yet.

Schedule in time with your friends and family. Be intentional with how much time they are getting. Time with your friends and family will increase your overall mood, help you reduce burnout risk, and alleviate the worry you aren’t present enough. When you are trying to juggle a million tasks it is easy to become overwhelmed. When your to do list is a mile long it becomes too easy to push the time we spend with friends and family to the side in order to complete these tasks. However, those to do lists will never end. Your list of things to do will consistently keep growing.

You make time for your priorities. When you look at your schedule, your priorities are the things you are giving the most time to. If your family and friends are a top priority, then your schedule should reflect this.

So I am calling bullshit.

Bullshit to those who say you should be focusing on the quality of time with those you care about, and not emphasizing the importance of the quantity. I have never heard of someone who has reached the end of their life say they wanted more time to complete their to do list. They wish they had more time to spend doing the things they love, like traveling, spending time with family, and being present in the moment.

What priorities does your schedule reflect?


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