Simplistic AF

My name is Nicole and I am the mom of 5 humans, and 5 fur children. I used to be a hot ass mess, no lie. I was all over the damn place trying to remember everything, and do all the things.

Then I realized I am not a super human and in order to operate at the most effective level, I needed to do all the damn things neatly.

I needed to clean up my life, and get it right. I couldn’t keep haphazardly go through life hoping all the shit would organize itself.

It is really hard to haphazardly handle 5 kids, a business, graduate school, military life, and homeschooling. Therefore, I had to get my shit right.

Thankfully, I am a Virgo and I can do all the fucking things, and do them really well. I am epic at organizing, and that is where I found my passion.

Helping you ladies get your shit together.

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